1.Protect the nation's soverreignty,religion,monarchy and loyat to democracy ruled by the king.
2.Support students to be academic excellent along with moral
3.Improve the learning process by focusing on learners.
4.Develop the environment to be leaning ambiance, suitable for preventing and protecting global warming problems.
5.Provide the teachers with means to meet with vocational standard such as innovation that can be used in developing quality in education.
6.Develop management and educational systems by allowing every department to participate.
7.Develop learning process in math, science, technology and environment.
8.Enhance the relationship between the school and the community to set up a learning network.
9.Enhance, conserve and advert Thai traditions, art, music and culture as they are the nation's uniqueness.
10.Enhance education to develop standard of living for the balance of physical and mental health and society.
11.Enhance skills in the workplace, appreciate the work, able to work with others, have positive attitude towards legal occupation and follow the sufficient economic theory.
12.Design educational curriculum focusing democracy development.
13.Enhance health development in terms of physical, mental,and society.
14.Enhance development operations according to the policy of school's identity and uniqueness.