School History



Satriwitthaya 2 School 

under the royal patronage of HRH The Princess Mother

          The name “Satriwitthaya 2”  was given by HRH The Princess Mother and the school has been under her royal patronage since.  Resided at 29 Sukhontasawat Soi 3, Sukhontasawat Road, Ladprao District, Bangkok, Satriwitthaya 2 is a co-ed school supervised by the Secondary Educational Service Area Office 2.

          In the year 1973 (2516 B.E.), Miss Soon Panich-heng was generous enough to donate a nearly 20-rai plot of land to the Department of General Education, Ministry of  Education to have a school built.  Lady Boonjue Chaiyapat who then was a director of Satriwitthay School was authorized to conduct a new school setup.

On 7th December, 1973, Her Royal Highness The Princess Mother graciously asked Lady Boonjue chaiyapat, Miss Soon Panich-heng, Dr. Kor Sawaddipanich (Minister of the Department of General Education), Satriwitthaya school association committee, and Satriwitthaya School students to meet before her regarding the new school establishment and kindly named the school “Satriwitthaya 2”.  Hence, the date 7th December of each year is recognized a school founding day.

Later on 22th January 1975, Miss Soon’s younger sister, Mrs. Long Waisalee had an audience with Her Royal Highness The Princess Mother to make a land donation of 24-rai and 77 square wah to expand the school campus.  Another adjacent 36-rai land was rented from the Monk’s Hospital Foundation to make a one big piece of 80 rai and 45 square wah.  The land, at that time, was still a rice field which was not developed and with no electricity.  Mrs. Sommai Emsombat, the first school administer approached Metropolitan Electricity Authority to have electricity brought to the community prior to school first started.

The school opened its doors on the 17th May, 1974 with Mrs. Sommai Emsombat as the first school director.  The first badge included 277 students (5 classes for Matthayom 1 and 2 for Matthayam 4) and 13 teachers.  Students were taught temporarily in makeshift classrooms beneath the Temple gazebo, whilst the first 4-building cluster “Somdej Pra Sri Nakarin Building” was being under construction until its completion a year later.  The school surroundings at that time were not developed which made it so hard to access that the teachers and students had to walk in the mud with their shoes off.

On 1st July 1975, Her Royal Highness The Princess Mother was the chairman of the school opening ceremony and on the same occasion she planted “Pikul” tree which we take its flowers as a school cachet.  The construction of the second 4-building cluster was completed in the year 1978 when the Crown Prince graciously came to perform its opening ceremony and named it “Wachira”.  His kind act will remain in every school teaching member and student’s memory with gratitude for long.

School has been expanded in full scheme since 1981 and has been able to seat more students to 6 levels with 12 classrooms each to make the number of 72 classrooms.  Due to its large size, a good deal of nation’s and donated budget is big enough to have more building built namely “Nawarajachonnanee”, “Nop Boonyoupakarn Library”, “Kaisri Pramoj”, “Lady Boonjue Chaiyapat”, the gymnasium, two 7-floor buildings, Training Center, “The King’s 6th anniversary Building”, “Osatese Building”, and “Jungpanich Tennis Court”.  Furthermore, a standard swimming pool was built in order for all the students to be in good health.  Every year this swimming pool has been used for the national Pikul Championship competition since 1998 up until now.

With students’ quality of knowledge and morals, Satriwitthaya 2 has become an ideal school for parents who wish to send their children to.  Even though there were at that time 3,610 students with 80 classes, the number of those who wished to be accepted was a lot bigger.  Realizing how big with 84 rai school campus was, the office of the Basic Education Commission utilized what was available to have more classes opened to 120 classes and at the same time separated the school into 2 sections: middle school and high school.

It was in the year 2011 when the office of the Basic Education Commission recombined the two sections into one after realizing the accomplishment of middle school management in all aspects: buildings, qualified teachers, and students.  Consequently, Satriwitthaya 2 School has become one of the biggest schools in the nation with high standard of learning system.

The middle school management pioneers

(Academic years 1994 – 2001)

  1. Miss Somparp Komsan         Director               1994
  2. Mr. Udorn  Boontawarn         Director               1994-1998
  3. Mr. Surin   Tornueng              Director               1998-1999
  4. Mr. Narong  Tarmrasa           Director                1999-2002

To commemorate HRH The Princess Mother’s 100th birthday, Satriwitthaya 2 School under the royal patronage of HRH The Princess Mother, school alumni association, parental and teachers association, and the school committee,  joined hands in having HRH The Princess Mother’s statue built on “Kanchanapisek Isle” located in front of Somdej Pra Sri Nakarin Building.  The building used to serve as her welcoming chamber when she kindly came to perform the building official opening ceremony on 1st July 1975.  Later on 15th January 2002, Princess Galaya Niwattana, the King’s only sister was welcomed to perform the statue opening ceremony.  Her statue has been a sacred hallow and a Thai history learning resource for students and younger generations. 

The school experienced its 30th anniversary in the year 2003 when school committee, parental and teachers association, school alumni association, parental network and others decided to make their contribution in having a 4-storey building established.   The new building links No.12 and Kanchanapisek buildings together and adds 9 more classrooms.  On 11th January 2003, Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn was present as the chairman of the opening ceremony of the building called “30 Years Satriwitthaya 2 and HRH Princess Sirindhron’s 48th birthday commemoration Building”.  All school members have recognized the greatest honor we have ever granted.

Names of the executives of Satriwitthaya 2 School since founded until the present time

  1. Mr. Sommai   Emsombat        Director        1974  – 1986
  2. Mr. Siriluck   Nantapisan         Director        1986  – 1990
  3. Miss Somparp  Komsan          Director        1990  – 1994
  4. Mr. Luecha  Soyparn               Director        1994  – 1997
  5. Mr. Narong  Tarmraksa            Director        1997 – 2002
  6. Mr. Cherdchai   Palaniwat       Director         2002  – 2008
  7. Dr. Kasem  Sodngam              Director        2008  –  2011
  8. Dr. Pacharapong  Tritepa        Director        2011  –  2012
  9. Dr. Teerach  Chaiyos              Director         2013  –  at present